Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Website!

Wohoo!!  i finally have a new website up!! It is still a work in progress. 

i'm building it on Wordpress, and trying to keep very similar to this blog. i really like my blogspot blog, but didn't know how to turn it into more of a website, rather than just a blog. So i've moved it to Wordpress where i can have it linked to my domain name, have a static website page, shopping cart, blog etc.  i'm really hoping to keep this blogspot  blog too, and just import my blog feed on Wordpress. i haven't quite figured out how to do that yet though.

i'm still trying to figure it all out, like configuring the subscribers widget and figuring out how to navigate the different posts to different tags /categories. Hopefully i will get there soon! i've made a ton of progress in just the last couple of days, so i'm feeling pretty optimistic about it. 

Feel free to stop by and say hello! www.enchantedtree.com Once i get the main part of the website configured, i'll work on the shopping cart/store. i have so much work to list, it's going to take me a while to get it all posted.  i welcome any feedback! 


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