Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New York Biology Essential Oils- Blot Test & Product review

Over the past few weeks, i've had the opportunity to try out and review essential oils by New York Biology.  i'm no expert on essential oils, but i do like to use them when making herbal bath products, like soaps and bath salts etc. i'm not super picky when it comes to essential oils, but i do like to make sure they are 100% pure essential oils and not perfume oils. i also like to make sure the product isn't tested on animals and is packaged well in a dark or amber colored glass bottle.

So far, i've been very pleased with all of the New York Biology oils i've received. They smell fantastic, are packaged well and each one comes with a glass dropper. 

The latest one i have to review is Helichrysum oil. After receiving it and giving it a sniff, i realized i really don't know anything about Helichrysum. According to the NYB listing Helichrysum oil has a sweet and fruity smell with honey or nectar overtones. It is an ancient plant and commonly referred to as Everlasting or Immortal Flower. Many people find the smell to be warming, uplifting and comforting — and since the aroma has a grounding quality, it even assists in releasing emotional blocks.  
To use Helichrysum-
Apply several drops (2-4) of undiluted oil directly on the skin to the affected area or desired location Directly inhale the oil 
Diffuse it in your home 
Add it to a bath 
It’s never recommended to ingest the oil, so plan to use it topically instead.

As i was reading about the different oils, i read that you can test the purity of your essential oils by doing a blot test. So i decided to try out the NYB Helichrysum to see how the brand compares to some of my other oils.

The blot test is a very accurate way to test the purity of your oils. True essential oils will evaporate and not leave behind an oily residue. You just place a drop of oil on a white sheet of paper, and then check it after 24 hours to see if there is any residue left behind. Residue would signify that the EO is mixed with something else and is not 100% pure.
i did the blot test on 4 different brands of essential oil.  When i first put down the drops of oil, the Helichrysum did have a yellow/green tint, while the others were clear. 

After 20 minutes, i checked the blot test. The Rosemary oil in the bottom right, had completely evaporated. The Helichrysum was no longer yellow/green but still had an oil mark. The tea tree oil and Lavender both still had a faint oil marks as well.

After six hours, both the rosemary and Lavender were completely evaporated without any residue left behind. The Helichyrsum and the tea tree both still had a very, very faint mark, but after 12 hours all 4 oils were completely evaporated.  There is no tint or oil mark on the paper where the oils were.

So i do believe these oils are 100% pure.  The country of origin on the NYB oils is India, and according to the label they are not tested on animals. The prices are good and i've been very happy with these oils and will continue to use them.  i'm also going to continue to read up on the different healing properties and uses of these oils. Now that i've learned about the blot test, i plan to test all of the oils i purchase to make sure i am getting pure EOs.

i received the New York Biology Helichrysum oil for free in exchange for my honest review. i was not compensated. 


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