Thursday, September 1, 2016

Summer is winding down.

i'm always a bit sad when we get to September and the summer begins to wind down, and  the smell of Autumn is in the air.  i know a lot of people love the fall, but i am not one of them. i consider fall the worst 4-letter F word of them all. lol.  i don't want to hear anything about pumpkin spice or hoodies until October. i love the summer, and never want it to end.

We've had a great summer! The garden is done well, the greenhouse has done fantastic. i've already started pulling tomatoes from the main garden, but the ones in the greenhouse are still rocking.  i'm slowly trying to get my self back to craft corner so i can start sewing again. i made myself a garden apron earlier this week as a warm up. i plan to add some big pockets (didn't have the right color) Then i'll be able to use it to gather eggs and produce.  It's hard to see in the picture, but it has a garden fairy on the front.

i cleaned up my craft corner, and am mentally trying to get myself back into sewing mode so i can finish up these dolls and get them listed for sale. i never intend to take the summer off, but it happens every year. Once garden season starts i abandon everything i was working on and just focus on the outdoor stuff.  Gardening, foraging, playing in the creek, hiking in the woods and chasing butterflies.

Garden is still producing great. i replanted a bunch of stuff around the first of July, so i have a whole another summer harvest on the way.  My peppers always take their time, and although they've spent the summer loaded with green peppers, they have just started to change to red, yellow and orange.  i've been canning tomatoes like crazy, and they are still coming in.  My downstairs coldroom/pantry will be filled up with this years harvest again.

As always i've been enjoying my tomatoes.  i just love all the colors and variety and try to use that when cooking to make delicious and beautiful dishes.  This is a spinach pie before i baked it. i used a filo dough crust, and filled it with spinach, feta and mozzarella. Then topped it with tomatoes. It was absolutely fabulous. The tomatoes lost some of their color when cooked, but it was still a very pretty dish.  i've been cooking like crazy all summer, i'll try getting a few recipes posted soon. The chocolate zucchini muffins are a recent favorite.

My girl, who doesn't like to read. It almost finished with the first Harry Potter book.  This is HUGE.  i don't think this child has ever made it all the way through a book. She's had no interest in reading it until this year, because it is her teacher's favorite book.  She is loving it too, and i hope this is just the beginning of a new love of reading.

i'm not giving in to the whole cool weather, pumpkin spice and hoodies crap. i'm am still fully absorbed in summertime! Even if it is the end of summer, it's still summer. Garden season, tubing in the creek, playing outside, releasing monarchs. i will embrace the fall when it arrives, but not a minute before. 


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